August 31, 2008

Cat Attacks Mouse- Only in Bedroom.

The latest is that Pepper has a "private" area in the spare room. There is a big rubbermade tub that blocks the way to the room/ bathroom (not that Nougat couldn't jump it), that Pepper seems to feel is a good barrier. She is sitting on top of it. If Nougat walks by and pauses or even looks at her, she cat growls at her. Yes, I read all th website about keeping them separate and putting new cate in a separate room. But now that Nougat has been here a couple days, it throws a different dynamic in. Now Pepper is sort of like the intruder. These videos were taken from the other end of the hallway. Notice how Nougat only daudles with the play mouse in the hallway. Then she picks it up and carries it into my room before the beating begins. It's like she doesn't want to play in from of Pepper or have Pepper take her toy.

P.S. Made my first meat loaf tonight. When the recipe calls for 2 tablespoons of onion, do not add more. Too much onion not good

Guess who was crying to get inside when I got home from the track today? Pepper. She was a little pissed when, as she was eating, I little kitty came tip-toeing into where she was. Since she was gone for about a week, she was pretty hungry and now pretty tired. 20 minutes later, she has fallen asleep in the spare bedroom. And as long as Nougat stays out of the room, all is balanced in the world for now.

The track racing has been fair to good lately. Last week, I qualified for nationals by getting 3rd in the 500 with a 40.7. I also did a team pursuit in order to help a couple of other ladies qualify in the endurance races. Yesterday was Masters State Championships. This time,my 500 was on par with others when I've been in shape 40.35. I really cannot complain. I didn't even really like my start and my quad is still a little weak. Then I got 2nd in the sprints and 3rd in the keiren. I'm back.

Hey, this is Pepper. I snuck on to give my 2 cents on the new pooty tooty. I am not happy! I am free to come and go as I please. So flippin' what that it was a week this time. I'm 3 years old. I can do whatever the heck I want. So I finally decide to come home, since I was famished and there's a stupid burnt marshmellow meowing and following me around. Right now, I'm bathig myself and she is watching me. If she gets closer... I'm going to have to remind her who rules this place!

August 30, 2008

"New" Gut

Don't worry this has nothing to do with my digestive system....

Nougat came home with me yesterday. She's a Blue Point Siamese and Domestic short hair mix. She came with the name Esther, but I wasn't keen on that one. Jeanie and Courtney came over shortly after we came home to go for a ride and eat dinner. We rolled around the names Dulche, Mak Pao (coconut in Thai), Coconut, Praline... All were either harsh, too long, or lame. Since we ate a Tiger's Garden (Thai, Loasian) we asked the guy how to say coconut in Thai. It sounds a little sharp for a cat. So late last night I was trying to think of other names that were creamy and fluffy. Mmmmm... Nougat.

I originally went to the Humane Society to see if Pepper was there. She went outside over a week ago and hasn't come back. If she does come home, she's in for a surprise! So after not finding her amount the 40-50 cats there, I spent some time looking at the dogs. There were a couple that stuck in my head. I finally decided that between school, training, racing, and Mary Kay, I don't have time to walk, run, hike, and love on a dog. Maybe once the season is over. Also, I got a little upset, almost crying a couple times- somewhat because they were there, and a little because I kept thinking of Sadie.

As a side note, later, when I was adopting nougat, 2 of the dogs that I stopped a little longer at were getting adopted too, so I didn't feel so bad about leaving them behind. Yey for Buster and Porter!

Then I went over to the kitty ward. Nougat was the second one to catch my attention. She didn't say much, but when we took her out of her cage, she was very cuddly on me. And after 5 minutes, she was in no hurry to get off my lap. Of course, now that she's home, she's all over the place and doesn't care too much about me. And in the time that I've written this note, she's found a head band... and a tennis ball... and my duffle bag.... She obviously has a big day ahead!

She just noticed that I was talking about her and wants to say. "aau4lq2[nlfjyf" as you can see below.

August 17, 2008

State Championship Criterium

Well, according to the results I didn't do very well today, but I was very active in the race and I got one of the two primes (cash is good.) The prime came with 6 or 7 to go. I was driving the group i through turn 1 and 2, when another rider jumped through. I jumped on her wheel and followed her tight until about 100m. to go and came around for the sprint.

After that effort, I was spent, so I hung out in the group... a little in the middle... and eventually in the back of the group. I made a couple feeble attempts to creep back up, but was really satisfied with the race overall. Going into the last lap, I was toward the end of a 20 or so person train. I think I COULD have, but I was in a "can't be bothered" at that point.

Man, it feels good to be getting back into shape. Might just be ready for nationals in 6 weeks!

August 13, 2008

A Funny Read

My friend, and fellow bike racer Jeanie tried to submit a letter to her creator, concerning warranty on her knee...

August 5, 2008


Yea, these are the things my pretty little head juggles on warm summer mornings...

My weight before Guido the Gut Detroyer: 187
My weight after Guido the Gut Destroyer: 173 this morning

Most people say..."Yea, not a bad diet. You're looking great!"

My first reaction was..."I lost my butt! Have you seen my butt! Guido ate my butt!" And my looser fitting shorts have prompted, "I have chicken legs!" I can't believe that I"m complaining about weighing less than I have in 5 years.

Racing friends use the standard, "You look "fit" (which is code for skinny.) But most understand that this is result of the Everything-in-everything-out diet.

Loss of 10+ pounds pros:
Revisit some old shorts I haven't worn for few years
Ability to fly uphill when doing hill sprints- fun
Guiltlessness of eating ice cream
Not having to suck in the gut all the time!

Loss of 10+ pounds con:
Loss of muscles

Believe it or not, the con almost outweighs the pros.

But if I plan it right, maybe I can get back the muscles and leave behind some of the... not muscle.


A few folks have quietly asked about how FSA went. They assume that since I didn't blog it, that... I didn't love it- the results that is. That's mostly correct. The racing was hard. The womens' field was stacked. It might as well have been nationals! Only 2 big national sprinters were not there. Being that I was still coming back (still am), I wasn't that strong.

Bt outside of racing, it was a blast. I love having everyone in town for those 2 races. It's like summer camp, really. You see them and hang out for two weeks, then everyone goes home... and adds each other on Facebook!