September 13, 2008

It's not a Bucket List

On the sly, I've discussed with a few friends my plans for the fall/ winter. They say, "Oh, like a bucket list." No, it's more like a "I've ignored it for 8 years and now I want to do other things than ride my bike...list"

There you have it. How did I get here? First, I fell off my bike last December... onto my shoulder. This injury put me off the bike for a while, but I wasn't too sad. Then, I caught the super flu in late February and couldn't get out of bed, let alone train, and I wasn't too worried (since at that time, nationals was, 1..2..3...8 months away.) Then I began my Mary Kay business in April. All those little white boxes and trips to the bank (to make deposits) are pretty intoxicating. When that happened, I set my training aside. Then my close friend's mother passed away and I began thinking about what I've done in the past few years... and what if it all ended tomorrow. Once the new Mary Kay adventure reduced to a simmer, I was struck with Guido, the intestinal demon that destroyed my system.

Finally by August, I was healthy, my business was underway, I was looking forward to a new school year, and...

I'm still not motivated to train.

At this point, I'm going through the motions. Ryan Triplett passed away last weekend and again, I"m reminding that it's a big world out there to explore and I need to get on it. I LOVE racing, but I'm not IN LOVE with the training anymore. I need to be IN LOVE with something to give it my all. I want my last hoo-rah at Nationals to be fun and worthwhile and I have the motivation and the spirit to hang in there and do the work for 3 more weeks.

This fall and winter, I'm planning to do all the things that I've put aside. Some are get-back-to's and some are want-to-try-them's. So, add my on your list to join you...

climbing (want to try)
dating (you may need to help me supply the date)
riding- yes, i still plan to
snow shoeing
xc skiing
snowboarding- i have a little- 10 years ago
hash running
ok, now i'm starting to visualize the floor plan at REI
football (i think)
chili feeds
running- a little at first

I think that's about it. The point is, my goal is to be outdoors every weekend, and some weeknights from mid- October- end of February and beyond.

Call, email, post to my facebook, whatever!

September 10, 2008

A Fortnight Condensed

1. Began a new school year. So far kids are pretty cool. And we have a collection of 7th and 8th grade teacher assistants, so its nice to have help throughout the day. I've already changed 2 projects in my curriculum, and this reignites my motivation.

2. Kitties are still not friends. Nougat is totally into Pepper. Pepper wishes Nougat would go back to the pound. What a bitch. I'm trying to give Pepper her own loves, but she still won't get along with the little one.

3. My dear friend, and amazing cyclist, Jennifer lost her husband on Sunday. Ryan was rock climbing and fell. My heart is breaking for her. I love you very much, Juice! Ryan was your perfect partner and a funny ass story teller.

4. My other friend and racer extraordinaire, also a Jennifer (Featheringill) won the match sprints and 500m. TT at Master's Nationals. Great job keeping it in the Alpenrose family! Woo hoo!

5. I've made the decision not to train seriously this winter. I'm going off a formal training program. I want to ride still... for fun and fresh air. I might get back into a program next spring, maybe not. It's time to chase other activities. So if you hike, campy, ski, sled, walk, boat... invite me any weekend after Nationals! My goal is to do something active and outdoors every weekend possible.