April 15, 2007

YEY! We're riding at the track! I cheered it 3 times while we were there, and it was so necessary. Very awesome to be out on the cement circle this weekend. Legs felt good. Played "sprint" with Brian during the cool down today. Only 5 more days until track workout again!

April 12, 2007


Had one of those training nights, where I keep looking back at my rear wheel, thinking I was getting a flat... and looking... and again. Was just flat legs.

"Heather, I checked your blog. I thought you raced last Sunday?" Ugh. I guess if I'm going to publish a blog, I should keep it up- in good times and not so much.

Sunday Morning, Norrene and I drove up to Seattle to the Boat Street Criterium. I have finished in the top 3 the last 2 years, so I had visions of good things. I was at the end of a recovery week, but, but had ridden easy the last couple days, so I should have done fine. I didn't.

Whistle... Crazy fast... strung out right away (dang it, Kelly!)...about the middle of the string... still fast... dropped... chasing...big gap... windy...almost lapped...done. Norrene stuck in there a bit longer. What a weird thing to have happen. I've never seen such a dramitc difference between one week and another. But every race has different players, and everyone brings a different game. I lift my game at home :)

The boys did much better, with Kirk earning 2nd place and Matt got 7th. Nice work guys!

I don't have much planned for racing for a while. Just training stuff at PIR and at the gym. Track training starts this weekend (yippie) and racing starts next month.