May 9, 2008


I hate you, Cancer. Give it up, already.

My close friend's mother lost her battle with cancer yesterday morning.

An assistant at our school just got the diagnosis last week.

What is it Cancer, you finish off one and just have to move on to another? I hate you. Go away.

May 3, 2008

Ok, so the boxes of inventory were brown, not pink. But there were... 6 of them.

As I opened the lot, I discovered the "rookie initiation" method at Mary Kay. In high school sports, we'd kidnap the rookie and make them dress all funny and go do silly stuff in public. At Mary Kay, the joke is to put all of the same of one product in 4 different boxes. I know there is probably a method to this system, but it was more like Christmas madness. Seriously it was so fun.

5 hours later, this Mary Kay lady was snug in her bed, while visions of white-boxes-filled-with-miracles danced in her head.

May 1, 2008

Satin Hands and Timewise Miracles

Guess who just became a Mary Kay Beauty Consultant? I'm more excited than I expected about my new business and looking forward to helping friends and their friends discover skin care and color products. I've been quite busy.

I'm still riding and training. I am reducing my training as I adjust into a new groove, but still plan to enjoy the local weekly racing and fun summer stuff in San Jose, Seattle, and Portland.

Out and About with Drew Carney this morning on the local news featured the Alpenrose Velodrome. Great job Drew! And Darell... you're always awesome. And 11 year old, Camden Morey... what I can I say? You looked great demonstrating your flying 200! It's an honor to train