August 12, 2006

Master's Nationals 2006
Colorado Springs, Colorado

Well, silver isn't quite as nice as gold, but such is racing sometimes. It took me a while to settle on that. For the first hour after racing, I kept hearing Ricky Bobby, "If you're not first, your'e last!" Considering I knew little about what to expect when I came to this race, one gold and one silver aren't so bad.

Cari Higgins got a buy first round, since she qualified 1st and there were only 7sprinters. Even the first round was determined best 2 of 3, so I would have at least 6 rides this afternoon.

Round #1 was a good opener, getting used to the track. I won in 2 against Hammer Racing Team's, Jodi Walzer. Round #2 was against Brooke Wilson. I went up against her at nationals last year- she'd gotten faster the past year, but I rode a good race and won in 2 again. So, now I was in the finals

The track was HOT, I was getting tired already. I needed to find some cool shade, which I did in the stands. My first ride against Cari, I wasn't as aggresive as I could be. I couldn't get the position I wanted- something to work on this month. She got the jump on me and we rode together in the last lap. I started to come around, but barely missed catching her at the finish line. I just needed about 2 more feet. It was a photo finish and we didn't know the verdict until we had both rolled off the track.

In the second ride, I rode a little smarter, putting on tighter pressure, but she got under me and this time I was unable to close.

It didn't work out how I had hoped. It's weird that 3rd place is almost easier to take than 2nd. At least with 3rd, you won the last ride. With 2nd place, you lost. You leave the race mad. As you leave the track to the quiet and coolness of the grass outside the fence, you duck away from everyone who either wants to compliment your ride or who you overhear tell the other girl how awesome she did- in the next tent. Hopefully you have a little time to chill and have a laugh before the awards ceremony.

Today, I'm tired. I don't feel motivated to get ready for elite nationals in just 7 weeks. I'll be without my track bike until next Friday when Donna comes down for masters state championships. How funny is that- to do state championships after nationals. That happened last year with elites. I'm tired of race, race, racing every weekend, but I give it about 5 days and I should be ready to go again

August 9, 2006

Master's Nationals
Colorado Springs, Colorado

So far, I'm seeded 2nd in the 200m. TT. I took a BAD line, which cost me 1-2 tenths. I actually took an excellent line for Alpenrose. However, the 200m. line is about 1/3 down the straightaway and I didn't get full advantage of the corner 4 banking. My time was 12.54 and I was really hoping to be in the neighborhood of 12.2- 12,3, but I'm OK with it. The first place girl, Cari Higgins got a 12.40. Hopefully the two of us will face off for gold and it should be a good ride.

I WON THE 500m. TT FOR MY AGE GROUP (30-34). I'm a Master's National Champion. There were 9 riders. I was in the 4th heat (of 5) riding against Cari. Going in, I hoped my gear wasn't going to be too small. The start was good- almost too good. I was worried that I might spin out. The first half lap, I kept tellling my self "this isn't good enough- go harder." Once I settled in and got as aero as possible, I realized it was a perfect gear. I felt great and was able to keep spinning in the last quarter lap, which according to the folks watching was the difference between 1st and 2nd, My 38.38 time was a huge P.R over my time late fall in L.A. of 39.51. Kari's 38.7 was close! I'm very excited. PIctures to come :)

Donna is he absolute stud. She broke a national and world record today! The old record in her 50-54 age group was 40.2. She shattered it with a 39.8. I jumped up and down, screaming when she finished. Jumping up and down in cycling cleats is not smart- almost fell.

So, Brian got to see 2 of his athletes squeeze into stars and stripes jerseys at the awards ceremony. That was pretty cool for all three of us. It was much more fun to celebrate, with Donna also winning. Then we- Donna, Brian, Allane, Steve, and Darrell went to Old Chicago for Pizza and beer, and to Michelle's for Sundaes. The beer float in my tum-tum, didn't settle well, but I survived (whew).

When we got into bed tonight, Allane fell asleep right away. Donna and I laid there in the dark, silently for about 5 minutes. Out of nowhere, she giggles and says, "I'm a world record holder!" We busted up and I eventually fell asleep.

Sprints are Friday. There are 7 women. Will keep posted.

August 5, 2006

Field Trip to Nike

A little before lunch time, the Godfrey fraternity teammates picked me up in the van. We headed to the nike campus to meet Norrene. She escorted us to Sample Town to meet Delores. She gave us a little tour of the mini factory, where the samples for every piece of apparel are constructed. One wall was full of everyl fabric currently used for Nike clothing! I was impressed and it was a treat to get "backstage" of the worlds most popular sports apparel and footwear company. Delores also gave us our new booties, so I expect to go fast next week at Master's Nationals. The booties are one of a kind- well, 20 of a kind, actually. We'll call it limited edition. They are not a Nike retail product- just made especially for us.

Next, Emily met up with us to treat us to lunch with Ian, also from the Nike research lab. They've been working with the kids, using them for testing. Hopefully, Kirk's tail quits growing- wouldn't want it to get stuck in the rear wheel. Kidding. We ate at a restaurant right on campus. After lunch, Emily whoed me around the lab- pretty cool.