August 9, 2006

Master's Nationals
Colorado Springs, Colorado

So far, I'm seeded 2nd in the 200m. TT. I took a BAD line, which cost me 1-2 tenths. I actually took an excellent line for Alpenrose. However, the 200m. line is about 1/3 down the straightaway and I didn't get full advantage of the corner 4 banking. My time was 12.54 and I was really hoping to be in the neighborhood of 12.2- 12,3, but I'm OK with it. The first place girl, Cari Higgins got a 12.40. Hopefully the two of us will face off for gold and it should be a good ride.

I WON THE 500m. TT FOR MY AGE GROUP (30-34). I'm a Master's National Champion. There were 9 riders. I was in the 4th heat (of 5) riding against Cari. Going in, I hoped my gear wasn't going to be too small. The start was good- almost too good. I was worried that I might spin out. The first half lap, I kept tellling my self "this isn't good enough- go harder." Once I settled in and got as aero as possible, I realized it was a perfect gear. I felt great and was able to keep spinning in the last quarter lap, which according to the folks watching was the difference between 1st and 2nd, My 38.38 time was a huge P.R over my time late fall in L.A. of 39.51. Kari's 38.7 was close! I'm very excited. PIctures to come :)

Donna is he absolute stud. She broke a national and world record today! The old record in her 50-54 age group was 40.2. She shattered it with a 39.8. I jumped up and down, screaming when she finished. Jumping up and down in cycling cleats is not smart- almost fell.

So, Brian got to see 2 of his athletes squeeze into stars and stripes jerseys at the awards ceremony. That was pretty cool for all three of us. It was much more fun to celebrate, with Donna also winning. Then we- Donna, Brian, Allane, Steve, and Darrell went to Old Chicago for Pizza and beer, and to Michelle's for Sundaes. The beer float in my tum-tum, didn't settle well, but I survived (whew).

When we got into bed tonight, Allane fell asleep right away. Donna and I laid there in the dark, silently for about 5 minutes. Out of nowhere, she giggles and says, "I'm a world record holder!" We busted up and I eventually fell asleep.

Sprints are Friday. There are 7 women. Will keep posted.


Anonymous said...

Heather, I am so happy for you. Sounds like a much better trip to Colorado Springs this time around. What does TT stand for?

The CBSpecial said...

I am proud of you schmoops