May 21, 2006

Finally a Swan Island Win

I've been a bridesmaid at the Swan Island Crit every year so far. Today we had 12 racers, including Jeannie, Kris, Melissa, Kendra, Shanan, and some others. Darien was my partner in crime. Most of the race was a typical "knitting class" Oregon crit. The course is flat with wide corners with little action. Darien attacked a couple of times, as did others. I even took a run, but usually for no reason other than to keep my legs opened up. I snagged one prime without too much effort. I just took it long and held the others off.

With about 10 laps to go, a fabulous monsoon added a twist to racing. I moved to the front mostly in case someone slipped out in the corner, I wouldn't be behind him. There's less splash in the front as well. WIth 2 laps to go, I let my teammate know I was stuck to her wheel. In the last lap, Darien ramped it up going into turn 2. We were 1-2 most of the back stretch. Approaching the last curve, I saw Kendra pull Melissa outside on Darien's left. I ducked around Darien on the right and jumped on Melissa's wheel. Once the road straightened out, we both took the sprint at the same time. I had to catch her first, then eased ahead. By just a wheel, I won, feeling pretty good about it. I wonder if someone caught a photo of it.

Women 1/2/3
1 VanValkenburg, Heather Team Rubicon
2 Sanborn, Melissa Wenzel Coaching
3 Bihlmaier, Jeannie Columbia River Velo
4 Whitlatch, Shanan Fred Meyer/Lakeside Bicycle
5 Featheringill, Jen Bike Central

May 12, 2006

Circa 2004

So, I'm not impressed with the start to the 2006 track season. So far, I've posted a 41.2 second 500m. TT. I expected to be around 40 seconds, but there are many factors that influenced that- wind, funky start, pedalling slow :) Last night, I suffered through a 4:40 pursuit. My best on the Alpenrose track is 4:24. I would have been happy with something around 4:30. But the finale fo the time trials so far this year is from the year 2004. I managed a 13.9 second 200m. OUCH! Actually, I fumbled up big time. I did a great line for the L.A. track, getting out of the saddle and going hard out of turn 4. Oops. I was tired before I even hit the Alpenrose sign and figured out my folley right about then.

Oh well, I got to race in the "B" s and I would have won too, if Craig hadn't kilo'd me- damn that guy. I half wanted to smack him when it was over and half give him a high 5, since it was a pretty smart move on his part. Grrrrr. I should have listened more carefully when he mentioned something about wanting to hurry up and get it over, since he had a date or party or something to go to.

Going to do the race tomorrow. The news just said that it might be 90 tomorrow!?!

May 9, 2006


You'll want to read the post below to understand that... the 5th tube was the winner. Not being able to sleep wondering why the tire was still flat. I open the last tube.... The next morning, the tire is still full of 120 pounds/ inch of air.
Retail value: around $20 :(

Stay tuned for Thursday's pursuit.

May 8, 2006

The 5 tuber

So when was the last time you wasted 4 (yes 4) tubes changing a flat. In my defense, I believe that since I run Michelin tires, I rarely flat as it is, so I am a little unpracticed in the way of tire changing. So, I call Brian and say something like, "Hey, I think I want to race tonight, since I didn't do anything yesterday." That sounded great to him and I rolled out of the garage. Not even to 13th street and I ride through some glass and had the instant flat. I changed it quickly and didn't even screw up the CO2 this time. However, I did hear the hiss of oh-crap-there-must-be-some-glass-in-the-tire.

I call Chuck who tells me that he's at PIR. There is car racing tonight, so no bike racing. He's going to meet me in Vancouver with stuff to change the flat (again.) On my way to Ice Cream Renesance (can't spell that), I see Tuckie at the corner. He pokes fun at me and is on his fat tire way. Ice Cream place is closed. So is Mike's bikes.

Chuck meets me at Starbucks and helps with replacement tube #2. We head towards home, but I want to ride a little bit,so I just take my phone- just in case.

Just in case happened about 2 miles later along Fruit Valley Road. Chuck came to pick my grumpy ass up and we go home. I do 3 sets of push ups in the next half hour and we drive off to Performance Bike Shop. I pick up 3 tubes and a new tire (well Chuck bought them actually.) We eat not-very-good chicken wings at Hooters with bad service and go home.

In the living room, I pinch yet ANOTHER tube (#3), having to use levers on the new tire. I give up and go brush my teeth for bed. Chuck unwraps tube #4 and I plop into bed. About 30 minutes later, the news is bad as Chuck tells me that it was fine until the wheel fell over and then it was flat again.

Pretty soon the tubes will add up to be more than the tire....