July 19, 2010

Alpenrose Velodrome Challenge 2010

Well after 2 years of non- motivation and/or being out of race shape, there seems to be some hope for this old broad. For that time I've needed to race more with the muscle between my ears. It was frustrating to be less than successful, even knowing the reasons.

Most of the top riders in the country and Canada came to throw down some hurt. It was quite competitive. One of my goals this season is to ride under 40 seconds in the 500m. TT. I came close and feel it can happen in the next month. Usually at AVC, 2-3 ladies will ride under 40 seconds. This year.... 9. I got 10th place with a great time for me. Crazy.

I posted a good time for 200m.TT to seed 5th or 6th for sprint tournament. Lost the first ride, but eeked out a win in the reps. The last ride placed me 6th overall. Keiren went well also.

Details aside, the results might not show that I did very well this weekend. But I honestly was very happy with my riding AND with the level of competition. I'm totally looking forward to next weekend up in Seattle.