February 28, 2008

As February Wraps Up...

Training has been going well. I've pedaled my way up Cornell-Thompson- and some variation after that the past 4 weeks. I was blessed to not be injured or sick the past month- go figure! We're all getting pretty tired at the end of thie training block. Only one more week until recovery, unless....

Um, training was going well, until the Super Flu flew in on me. I spent most of Monday and Tuesday in bed. I tried to go to school on Wednesday, but felt a little woozy on the drive (oops). When I got to school, they kicked me out- told me to go to the doctor. So, I did. A couple hours later I was back home... back in bed... with some antibios and steriods (super.) I love that angry, cranky, depressed side effect that prednisone gives me. Watch out kiddos.

Sold Lolita (last year's road bike) to a nice man in Texas. She'll like it in Texas I think. New Orbea Aqua frame came in last week. Dean, the speed machine is building it. So far, she's in nameless. I'll work on that. any ideas?

February 10, 2008

New Shirts and Stuff

I've just added a couple of new products to my Cafepress store

Check it out. Buy something. Support my habit.

February 6, 2008

Earthly Training Methods

I have discovered that mother nature possesses 2 ingredients for whipping up some quality training.

Snow and Air

First, snow. I prefer snow to rain when riding as long as it doesn't make the road slick. Snow does not make you wet. And it's fun to get accumulation on your helmet and drifts in the front of your ankles.

Second, air. I decided to check my tires before Sunday's ride uphill. I've been riding around the past couple of weeks with about 70 psi in my front tire and 60 in the rear. A hmmmmmm! Wave a magic wand, and bibbity, bobbity, pumpity, pow!.... I'm now rocking about 100 psi. Dude, my bike actually works now.

Enjoy some pictures from snow on Saturday at elevation of around...zero.

February 5, 2008

K-Man Kenji!

This is how famous Kenji is.... Every once in a while I'll check to see if it's worth my time to ramble on about nothing on a racing blog- in the winter. So, after getting a friends comment tonight, I check it out. 60 HITS ON SATURDAY! I knew it was snowy and cold Saturday and folks had nothing better to do, but WTF? I am only moderately cool, and slightly famous, but I am not racing. And finally, there are no nudie pictures, so why all the traffic?

does the occasional blogroll and update of what's news in OBRAland... and what is not. But even the Un-news is pretty entertaining. I giggle over Miffy and Kiffy and love getting little tidbits of who's up to what. It's like OBRAs own Page 6. Low and behold... I scroll down to Saturday and there me is. Thanks for the props, bro!

February 1, 2008

That's Ugly

I haven't been hooked on a show since Alias, before Sydney and Vaughn finally hooked up. Over Christmas I blasted through the entire first season of Ugly Betty and continued on to make it up to speed with the here and now.

Damn writer's strike has finally affected me. It was sad enough that my Friday nights consisted of cuddling up with www.abc.com and watching the previous night's episode. Now, even that has been taken from me.

I think I will inflict some pain on my leg to mask the pain in my heart.

Oh wait, I just did. This is the outline. Color to come in a couple weeks