February 6, 2008

Earthly Training Methods

I have discovered that mother nature possesses 2 ingredients for whipping up some quality training.

Snow and Air

First, snow. I prefer snow to rain when riding as long as it doesn't make the road slick. Snow does not make you wet. And it's fun to get accumulation on your helmet and drifts in the front of your ankles.

Second, air. I decided to check my tires before Sunday's ride uphill. I've been riding around the past couple of weeks with about 70 psi in my front tire and 60 in the rear. A hmmmmmm! Wave a magic wand, and bibbity, bobbity, pumpity, pow!.... I'm now rocking about 100 psi. Dude, my bike actually works now.

Enjoy some pictures from snow on Saturday at elevation of around...zero.


Larssyn said...

looks like a very wet snow to me.

Heather said...

Well, yes. Compared to Switzerland, it's just a tease :)

Larssyn said...

nope. we had only one bad week in December. right now it's in the 50's and Suuunnnnneyyyyyy!!!!