February 5, 2008

K-Man Kenji!

This is how famous Kenji is.... Every once in a while I'll check to see if it's worth my time to ramble on about nothing on a racing blog- in the winter. So, after getting a friends comment tonight, I check it out. 60 HITS ON SATURDAY! I knew it was snowy and cold Saturday and folks had nothing better to do, but WTF? I am only moderately cool, and slightly famous, but I am not racing. And finally, there are no nudie pictures, so why all the traffic?

does the occasional blogroll and update of what's news in OBRAland... and what is not. But even the Un-news is pretty entertaining. I giggle over Miffy and Kiffy and love getting little tidbits of who's up to what. It's like OBRAs own Page 6. Low and behold... I scroll down to Saturday and there me is. Thanks for the props, bro!