April 24, 2008


Donna had a funny experience at the grocery store. Listen to her version of the story...

"Hey, so I've been making this joke about my big sprinter butt belonging on a
black woman's body and today, a black man actually approached me in the produce
isle of the grocery store and enthusiastically proclaimed that I had the
"goods"...so I thanked him."

Here is a picture of BuhDunkaDonna

April 15, 2008

I have boring new news, so I sprinkled it in with other's clean laundry...

Deano feels like a zoo animal or a science experiment and it's cold in C-Springs

My Matrix car windows have been re-called. Appointment to fix on Thursday

Brian, Donna, Cam, and Camille are flying new track bikes. The rest of the world should watch out. They're going so fast, you'll be hauling ass... when they pass you.

My students are taking the dreaded WASL tests this and next week.

Jen loves sushi like me and makes some great points about goal setting

My cat refuses to use the new cat door in the window. What a stubborn bee-otch.

Rubicon boys are driving to Sea Otter today.

Teammate and housemate Bradley baked banana bread. Yes, Bradley baked. He says it's for sale... only $10 a loaf. It's good, I promise.

April 5, 2008

Hit the Deck!

What did you do over spring break? Did you go anywhere cool? Sure did! I went to Home Depot... and Shurway Lumberyard... and back to Shurway... and back again. And in the end, I had a new deck. Fellow racer, and wood working superstar, Tim Luther helped me design and build this beautiful slab to hopefully spend lots of hours upon. Tim helped me be a part of the entire process. It was fun and I learned a lot along the way. I still have some landscaping details to finish and we have to do a couple small touchups next weekend. Here are some pictures at the end of each day ending with a couple of today, where the Superdeck sealer is doing it's job.

April 1, 2008

New Look

Welcome to the new look. It might not stick. I'm still cruising the blogger template websites. Team Rubicon is no longer "that orange team." We're now rocking the bright yellow and black of the LAF with a touch of white and Sram red frogs. Have you taken the leap?

In the meantime, this site is open, yet under construction. Stay tuned for photos and team sponsor links.

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