April 15, 2008

I have boring new news, so I sprinkled it in with other's clean laundry...

Deano feels like a zoo animal or a science experiment and it's cold in C-Springs

My Matrix car windows have been re-called. Appointment to fix on Thursday

Brian, Donna, Cam, and Camille are flying new track bikes. The rest of the world should watch out. They're going so fast, you'll be hauling ass... when they pass you.

My students are taking the dreaded WASL tests this and next week.

Jen loves sushi like me and makes some great points about goal setting

My cat refuses to use the new cat door in the window. What a stubborn bee-otch.

Rubicon boys are driving to Sea Otter today.

Teammate and housemate Bradley baked banana bread. Yes, Bradley baked. He says it's for sale... only $10 a loaf. It's good, I promise.