May 12, 2006

Circa 2004

So, I'm not impressed with the start to the 2006 track season. So far, I've posted a 41.2 second 500m. TT. I expected to be around 40 seconds, but there are many factors that influenced that- wind, funky start, pedalling slow :) Last night, I suffered through a 4:40 pursuit. My best on the Alpenrose track is 4:24. I would have been happy with something around 4:30. But the finale fo the time trials so far this year is from the year 2004. I managed a 13.9 second 200m. OUCH! Actually, I fumbled up big time. I did a great line for the L.A. track, getting out of the saddle and going hard out of turn 4. Oops. I was tired before I even hit the Alpenrose sign and figured out my folley right about then.

Oh well, I got to race in the "B" s and I would have won too, if Craig hadn't kilo'd me- damn that guy. I half wanted to smack him when it was over and half give him a high 5, since it was a pretty smart move on his part. Grrrrr. I should have listened more carefully when he mentioned something about wanting to hurry up and get it over, since he had a date or party or something to go to.

Going to do the race tomorrow. The news just said that it might be 90 tomorrow!?!


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

The link offers a way to play smart, not so much how to cheat. Responding to someone across the table tapping your toe if they had a bad hand, would be cheating- especially if you share your winnings with them. Then you’d have to worry about the third person. Eventually you realize that cheating will make you lose part of what you already won, if the third person finds out. So, you’ll have to ditch your cheat partner and play by yourself, to keep your own winnings, hoping for good hands. Your cheat partner will be out of luck, but it will be worth keeping your full winnings.

Anonymous said...

gotta love those "anonymous" people out there:)