August 5, 2006

Field Trip to Nike

A little before lunch time, the Godfrey fraternity teammates picked me up in the van. We headed to the nike campus to meet Norrene. She escorted us to Sample Town to meet Delores. She gave us a little tour of the mini factory, where the samples for every piece of apparel are constructed. One wall was full of everyl fabric currently used for Nike clothing! I was impressed and it was a treat to get "backstage" of the worlds most popular sports apparel and footwear company. Delores also gave us our new booties, so I expect to go fast next week at Master's Nationals. The booties are one of a kind- well, 20 of a kind, actually. We'll call it limited edition. They are not a Nike retail product- just made especially for us.

Next, Emily met up with us to treat us to lunch with Ian, also from the Nike research lab. They've been working with the kids, using them for testing. Hopefully, Kirk's tail quits growing- wouldn't want it to get stuck in the rear wheel. Kidding. We ate at a restaurant right on campus. After lunch, Emily whoed me around the lab- pretty cool.