April 12, 2007


Had one of those training nights, where I keep looking back at my rear wheel, thinking I was getting a flat... and looking... and again. Was just flat legs.

"Heather, I checked your blog. I thought you raced last Sunday?" Ugh. I guess if I'm going to publish a blog, I should keep it up- in good times and not so much.

Sunday Morning, Norrene and I drove up to Seattle to the Boat Street Criterium. I have finished in the top 3 the last 2 years, so I had visions of good things. I was at the end of a recovery week, but, but had ridden easy the last couple days, so I should have done fine. I didn't.

Whistle... Crazy fast... strung out right away (dang it, Kelly!)...about the middle of the string... still fast... dropped... chasing...big gap... windy...almost lapped...done. Norrene stuck in there a bit longer. What a weird thing to have happen. I've never seen such a dramitc difference between one week and another. But every race has different players, and everyone brings a different game. I lift my game at home :)

The boys did much better, with Kirk earning 2nd place and Matt got 7th. Nice work guys!

I don't have much planned for racing for a while. Just training stuff at PIR and at the gym. Track training starts this weekend (yippie) and racing starts next month.