August 31, 2008

Cat Attacks Mouse- Only in Bedroom.

The latest is that Pepper has a "private" area in the spare room. There is a big rubbermade tub that blocks the way to the room/ bathroom (not that Nougat couldn't jump it), that Pepper seems to feel is a good barrier. She is sitting on top of it. If Nougat walks by and pauses or even looks at her, she cat growls at her. Yes, I read all th website about keeping them separate and putting new cate in a separate room. But now that Nougat has been here a couple days, it throws a different dynamic in. Now Pepper is sort of like the intruder. These videos were taken from the other end of the hallway. Notice how Nougat only daudles with the play mouse in the hallway. Then she picks it up and carries it into my room before the beating begins. It's like she doesn't want to play in from of Pepper or have Pepper take her toy.

P.S. Made my first meat loaf tonight. When the recipe calls for 2 tablespoons of onion, do not add more. Too much onion not good