August 17, 2008

State Championship Criterium

Well, according to the results I didn't do very well today, but I was very active in the race and I got one of the two primes (cash is good.) The prime came with 6 or 7 to go. I was driving the group i through turn 1 and 2, when another rider jumped through. I jumped on her wheel and followed her tight until about 100m. to go and came around for the sprint.

After that effort, I was spent, so I hung out in the group... a little in the middle... and eventually in the back of the group. I made a couple feeble attempts to creep back up, but was really satisfied with the race overall. Going into the last lap, I was toward the end of a 20 or so person train. I think I COULD have, but I was in a "can't be bothered" at that point.

Man, it feels good to be getting back into shape. Might just be ready for nationals in 6 weeks!