August 30, 2008

"New" Gut

Don't worry this has nothing to do with my digestive system....

Nougat came home with me yesterday. She's a Blue Point Siamese and Domestic short hair mix. She came with the name Esther, but I wasn't keen on that one. Jeanie and Courtney came over shortly after we came home to go for a ride and eat dinner. We rolled around the names Dulche, Mak Pao (coconut in Thai), Coconut, Praline... All were either harsh, too long, or lame. Since we ate a Tiger's Garden (Thai, Loasian) we asked the guy how to say coconut in Thai. It sounds a little sharp for a cat. So late last night I was trying to think of other names that were creamy and fluffy. Mmmmm... Nougat.

I originally went to the Humane Society to see if Pepper was there. She went outside over a week ago and hasn't come back. If she does come home, she's in for a surprise! So after not finding her amount the 40-50 cats there, I spent some time looking at the dogs. There were a couple that stuck in my head. I finally decided that between school, training, racing, and Mary Kay, I don't have time to walk, run, hike, and love on a dog. Maybe once the season is over. Also, I got a little upset, almost crying a couple times- somewhat because they were there, and a little because I kept thinking of Sadie.

As a side note, later, when I was adopting nougat, 2 of the dogs that I stopped a little longer at were getting adopted too, so I didn't feel so bad about leaving them behind. Yey for Buster and Porter!

Then I went over to the kitty ward. Nougat was the second one to catch my attention. She didn't say much, but when we took her out of her cage, she was very cuddly on me. And after 5 minutes, she was in no hurry to get off my lap. Of course, now that she's home, she's all over the place and doesn't care too much about me. And in the time that I've written this note, she's found a head band... and a tennis ball... and my duffle bag.... She obviously has a big day ahead!

She just noticed that I was talking about her and wants to say. "aau4lq2[nlfjyf" as you can see below.


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