August 5, 2008


Yea, these are the things my pretty little head juggles on warm summer mornings...

My weight before Guido the Gut Detroyer: 187
My weight after Guido the Gut Destroyer: 173 this morning

Most people say..."Yea, not a bad diet. You're looking great!"

My first reaction was..."I lost my butt! Have you seen my butt! Guido ate my butt!" And my looser fitting shorts have prompted, "I have chicken legs!" I can't believe that I"m complaining about weighing less than I have in 5 years.

Racing friends use the standard, "You look "fit" (which is code for skinny.) But most understand that this is result of the Everything-in-everything-out diet.

Loss of 10+ pounds pros:
Revisit some old shorts I haven't worn for few years
Ability to fly uphill when doing hill sprints- fun
Guiltlessness of eating ice cream
Not having to suck in the gut all the time!

Loss of 10+ pounds con:
Loss of muscles

Believe it or not, the con almost outweighs the pros.

But if I plan it right, maybe I can get back the muscles and leave behind some of the... not muscle.