July 4, 2008

1st Real Week-o-Summer.

I say its the first week, since I'm not still super sick (just a little) and I can manage to get through a day with stuff accomplished. So, I just read Jen Triplett's blog and all of the things she wanted to do around the house. Well I finally beat her in a race this week- the race to home improve! Boo-ya!

1. I scoured that bathroom Jen silently tolerated last week. Since it was my roommate's bathroom, I had no idea how bad it was, since I never go in there. Big ew! It's a perfectly clean now for my AVC guests in 2 weeks.

2. I planted my vegetable garden, so I can enjoy the view from the yellow lounge chair on the deck. In 60-80 days (I think it will be sooner) I will be enjoying pees, corn, cucumbers, and squash. I can also freshly season with sweet basil, oregano, and cilantro.

3. I put some ferns in the garden under the cherry tree, and some flowers between my driveway and the empty house my garage in connected to. Today, my neighbor helped me get in some arbovite, so in a year or so, I won't even have to look at that mess of a house.

4. Yesterday, my friend Krishna and I explored IKEA in depth in the morning. It's so easy to spend $130 there. And the most expensive single item was $10. That afternoon, she brought over my brand new (hand-me-down) futon with super thick fancy mattress. We had to take the entire thing apart to get it upstairs and then reassemble, which can be quite a task when you're giggling the entire time! Cristin and Cari are in for a treat later this month!

5. Finally, today, I totally cleaned the refrigerator today. It was one of those cleanings where you take EVERYHING out, including the shelving, and clean everything. along the way, I threw away a few mysterious containers. After the super intesto-virus, I'm not eating anything that might be funky....

... Which is perfect lead in to the "Poo Pants" update. Thanks coach for new nick name, who also made the point today that not only water can be a liquid, solid, or gas all in short amount of time. I'm doing much better. After 2 days of baby food, which is yummy, but expensive, I ventured into some solid foods- even finished Jen's lasagna, and this morning... a breakfast sandwich- that never some for a re-visit. Bad news is that things are still "fluid" in the mornings. Doctor says I sort of stripped my intestines (like roto-rooter?) and just have to let it heal.

I race this afternoon and it wasn't a total loss. I won a sprint, lost two. I watched a keiren from the back of the pack, but I know I just have to be patient. I AM NOT A PATIENT PERSON!!! I'm going to forego racing tomorrow, I think.