July 6, 2008

State Games of Oregon

Today didn't suck. I'm so happy to say that I felt OK today- no stellar, but OK. I felt like a bike racer again for reals. Hats off to my teammate Norrene for doing some great work for me today in the races.

The first was an unknown distance. I hung out in the back most of the time. Great for drafting... not so great for finishing. Plus there was a lot of jockying around, which seemed a little unnecessary. I finally came up to the front where it was safe. But I let myself slide back and have to weave through some traffic to get 5th. Oh well.

The miss-n-out was next. Usually, I'm not a big fan of this race. But Norrene and I went in with a plan. She'd________ (can't give away top secret stuff) and I'd _____________ (pure rocket science.) It's nice to know that the wheel you're glued to is on your side. Wow, it really helps in the race to count riders left. It worked out beautifully and I was in the last 3 with Anna and Jen. Anna jumped in the last lap, with Jen following. I couldn't find my sprint legs to come around.

Our final race was a 15 lap tempo. Again, Norrene motored up front and I got some single points in the beginning. In talking later, we devised a better version of this plan. I got pretty tired in the middle of the race, but got my second wind in the last couple of laps. I came around a few folks to get 1 point in the last lap.

In the end Camille and I were tied for points, but she finished in front of me more than I did her, so she got the 3 step of the podium. She did well today. Jen took first- because she's flipping fast. Anna got second because she's also fast. I'm excited to see her improvement this year.

Kayla and I did a team sprint together. Poor thing got out pretty fast with her smaller gear. She had to wait about half the first lap for me to come under to get a draft. Sorry girl!

So, I'm still recovering. I came home from the race, laid won to rest and read, and fell asleep for an hour. I don't usually nap.