November 22, 2007

So..... just got home from Lincoln City. I met Dad and Barb there for Thanksgiving dinner, with a gorgeous view of the ocean at Inn at Spanish Head. The one time of the year when it might be nice to be a picky eater. There was a HUGE layout of so may choices. I think I had 6 different smoked fish and seafood, along with the traditional Thanksgiving goodies. I'm still not hungry and we ate... 5 hours ago.

Training is getting better. It was hard to get back into moving my body because I expect a different result that what my body wants to do in November. I'm just getting back into it, so I'm not too upset, but at the same time, it's frustrating. I'll probably feel a little under par for a couple more weeks.

The part I'm positive about it that I WANT to work out. I went to the gym last night for the first time since the end of September. I did a spin class, which was interesting. The focus was on keeping a steady cadence, while varying the tension. The instructors there turn out the lights, so we're working out by the light from the windows. Why is that? No matter the reason, I was certainly more comfortable taking off my t-shirt to use it as a towel, since no one could see my white rolls! Ha ha ha.

I hung out with niece, Ivy yesterday. I picked her up from daycare and we spent the day having total fun! Charlie and Shannon are deploying to Iraq Saturday. Weird.