November 7, 2007

And on the 11 month... She Started Up Again

Well, I'm back in the saddle, so to speak. After 3+ weeks of eating junk food and drinking too much, I have managed to gain back my love handles and lose some fitness. Based on the 3 workouts I've done so far, I'm surprised that I don't feel worse. I guess I had some money in the bank.

Saturday I showed up at the coffee shop, North Star, which is one of the best in town on north Interstate Avenue, just north or Lombard. We executed our Saturday morning activities, that I would tell you about, if it wasn't super secret. It was fun. On the off season you realize what you learned during the season. What I noticed is how much I count on the lines (sprint lane, stayer's line) on the track! When they are not there, I find myself looking ahead more to see where I'm going!

Sunday I led a little 2.5 hour ride around west and northwest Vancouver. I remembered this ride having rollers, but in early November, those suckers are HILLS! I was wasted the rest of the day. Yes, a 2.5 hour ride completely destroyed me the rest of the day.

Monday.... I did nothing and went to bed early. I highly recommend a feather (or fiber) bed to put over your mattress. It feels like I'm cheating and sleeping on a blanket. Heaven!

Last night was core/circuit training. My plantar faciitus (I know that's spelled wrong) came back and almost made me fall over getting out of bed this morning. My least favorite excercise thus far is the pull ups on the rings. Wow- that sucks. Thursday is another round!

So... that's the latest. I must get ready for school. happy hump day!


dwanjabi said...

i'm curious about northstar coffee house...never heard about it. now i'm going to have to check it out. maybe we can meet there for coffee sometime?