November 27, 2007

The Gym

I discovered this evening what the WORST time is to go to the gym. Let's call it 5:flipping:30. I had to cruise the parking lot until a spot opened up! I got the 3rd to last eliptical trainer. There was a packed aerobics class, a full cycling class, and all racket ball courts were being used. Oh, and there were about 20 people at volleyball open gym. The folks that own LA Fitness were happy today! I guess they'd be happy whether everyone showed up or not, since the membership costs the same either way. Wow.

Check out the cutest toddler I know. This is my brother's daughter, Ivy. We hung out last week. We playyyyyyed at the park, painted some gifts for the family, and then visited the hunts (where fudge was made.) Her dad, Charlie was deployed to Iraq last Saturday. So since her mom... is not our favorite person, I'll be visiting her lots and lots to take lots and lots of pictures to send to daddy and mommy Shannon, and Maamaw Jen and Paapaw Larry.