December 2, 2007

Great Gads!

I'm starting to run out of good answers for when friends ask me why I ride in nasty weather. Today was one of those days. When I left the house it was pouring. I traveled south bucking a head wind the entire time. The ride to North Star that usually takes me 25-30 minutes took 35 today, making me late for our group ride and putting me smack dab in a bad mood.

I have to just keep telling myself that my competition is also training today. I sure as heck hope so at least. All saddle and torture time is money in the bank!

The sweet reward for surviving such a day is being able to peel off the sopping duds, tossing them into the washing machine, and sprinting upstairs to a hot shower.


Jeanie said...

People think I am truly insane for riding in the crappy weather. We should hook up for a Saturday ride sometime.