August 9, 2007

"Hurricane" Sadie VanValkenburg

April 15, 1998- August 9, 2007

Sadie suddenly got sick this week. She had signs of upper digestive bleeding. After a long haul of figuring out what was going on and a near death moment, I found out today that she had cancer- probably lymphoma. Rather than to have her suffer a long road, to maybe live up to a year, I chose,to let her go, happy, relaxed, and in the arms of her mommy, to dog heaven.

I hesitated to blog about this, fearing that I seemed like a sympathy monger, but a very good friend told me to. She said that it was easy to fall in love with Sadie and that anyone that loved her (rather knew her for even 20 minutes) would want to know.

Thank you for everyone's support, love, prayers, and thoughts.

-Heather and Sadie


Juicey said...

Sorry to hear that Heather. Those animals are so precious - it's hard to see them go. My thoughts are with you!

David Hart said...

I just always assumed that Sadie would always be around when you were around. Just one of those association kind of things. Sorry to hear.