August 18, 2007

"I'll Quit Complaining"

Wednesday we have interval training and I pull coach aside and start a little rant about being disappointed about my times this year, that I hadn't come close to my best times on Alpenrose and if I plan to be faster this year than last, shouldn't I be going at least as fast and I've only been using a racing gear for about a month and it's hard to stay motivated when I'm not seeing successes...blah blah blah.

Today was Master's State Championships and I rode 40.08. This is an Alpenrose personal best time by about .3 of a second.

"Ok, I'll quit complaining," I gasped when I met up with Brian on the warm up track.

I also won the sprints and keiren. My favorite sprint opponent was not there today. Jen, who had been riding so damn fast this year, who has smoked my best times in the 500m., who is virtually unstoppable, had a horrible crash last night. I'm so upset for her. I wish I had a fraction of her perseverance. Two years ago, she had issued with her hip/knee, then last year, she fought an elbow injury. And she just keeps on fighting. Then this crap happens. She has some broken bones and will have to miss track nationals. If you're reading this and whether or not you know Jen, please wish her a quick recovery and keep her in your thoughts. She is so supportive of other racers out there and deserves nothing less than our love.


erikv said...

Congrats on your PR. Have an email address to send well-wishes to Jen?

Heather said...

Jen's email is at her shop, Bike Central. I'm not sure when she'll be able to check it, but if anyone would like to send her some love and care vibes, the address is:

Jeanie said...

Great job on Saturday, and Sunday too (thanks for spanking me in the points race). I had no idea that Jen had such a bad crash on Friday. I hope she will recover quickly.