August 6, 2007

Attack of the Weathermen

So, check this out. I was at a Beaverton-based-major-shoe-company retail store last Friday, and I noticed that local meterologist for KOIN 6 news, Bruce Sussman was there. (I can't belive I cranked out such an enormous run-on sentence just then.) I pointed it out to my shopping mates, and we were on our merry way. Yey- graced by the presence of a local celeb.

This morning, I was at the gym and noticed a familiar looking small man and quickly realized that he ALSO was a local meteorologist for KATU channel 2 news. Who knew that Rod Hill worked out at my gym.

Isn't that weird? 2 weatherman in 4 days! What does this mean? Feel free to comment and be creative. I know about 20 people read this blog per day, so I'm looking forward to some good responses.


Juicey said...

Hmmm... maybe it's a sign that they should spend more time analyzing the Dopler than shopping and working out? I guess weather men have to have lives too....