August 1, 2007

Getting Ready for School!

Haley and I have class lists already and we don't start school for over a month. It's against state law to post class lists on the school window anymore, so the families get sent home a little welcome packet. Now we just need furniture and our stuff moved from the storage containers where they've been all summer. I guess the move in day is the 21st, so we'll have a lot of time to get ready. We are pretty excited to only have 56 rather than 62 kids this year. But all four 6th grades are full. I'm sure by the following fall, we'll have five 6th grades. We found out that our secretary is the one that was ours at Lewisville the past 7 years minus last year (due to cuts.) Karen is so flipping awesome. She knows all of us teachers from Lewisville, and we know what to expect from her. I talked to her today about scheduling. Next year, I get to sleep in a little since school doesn't start until 8:40. That extra hour will be nice especially in the winter.