July 30, 2007


This was a fun and successful race weekend. It was a lot like our Alpenrose AVC. The first event was the team sprint. Donna and I had the 4th fastest time, which was pretty cool. Two of the top teams were international or a mix and one team was disqualified for an illegal exchange. So, we were the first place American team and qualified for nationals!

The next event was the keiren. I won my heat and got 5th in the final. I was proud of my aggressiveness in the heat, riding from the back and attacking with a lap to go. A lap at Marymoor is 400 meters, so everyone, including myself was a bit surprised at my long haul, but it worked. Later I was a little disappointed that I waited to long to do anything in the final, but each race is a learning opportunity, and I can take that from the race.

Saturday was a long one. I rode a 13.03 to qualify 2nd in the sprints. Then I rode a 39.___ (I forget the tenth) to get 5th in the 500m. I was the 3rd place American though. They took the top 12 riders for the sprints. I won my first 2 rounds, putting me in the semi- finals. Jen F. and I rode. I lost. Then I raced against Anna-Brit in the final. She won the best 2 out of 3... in 2 rides. But each was quite close.

Overall, I was happy with the racing and am officially qualified for nationals and left with a little extra cash for Saturday evenings dinner and beers.

Photos to come....