July 24, 2007

So, What Do You Do All Summer?

This week, I promised myself that i would accomplish one task per day- not cycling related. Yesterday was the final attack of the ugly light fixture in the dining area.

Here is the "Before" look. This is from a picture when I first bought the house almost 3 years ago. Notice the ugly shades. They are pleated too!

And after. I'm not totally sure with the shades because the bulbs look like they extend past the shade. The silver matches the new fixture in the kitchen and blends in more with the decor.

Today, I filled the yard debris can to the top with weeds and pruned pieces in my yard. Lucky for Brad, there is not enough room for grass clippings, so he'll be off the hook in that department.

Tomorrow... I think it's going to be the attack of the kitchen ceiling to paint over the patch.