August 2, 2007

FSA Pictures

Here is one of Amara's pictures from her website Wheels in Focus. Here you can see and order prints from the race. The pictures below are from my camera. Enjoy.

Donna and I team sprint podium.

Donna and I check out the pretty green New Belgian cruiser bikes.

Confusion...? Comparing roses...? Telling secrets...? Who knows.

Finally we get it figured out! We look like a pack of cheerleaders- very buff cheerleaders.

Like a good sprinter should, Jen takes a nap between rides.

Donna and her mega-guns

Brain's sprint podium.

Me, Jen, and Molly having a late dinner with some strange characters.


keirin said...

What do you mean strange character? what hapened to the picture of the tongue in the ear?

Heather said...

Strange is as strange does. The other pictures were all blurry.