July 9, 2007

Alpenrose Challenge Day 3

Each day has gotten a little better. Today was a long one. We started with the 200m. TT for sprint seeding. I took a different line than I have the past couple years. My time wasn't the best ever, but better than I've been putting down this season. 13.54 seeding me 3rd for the sprints. The first round was a 3-up with Donna and Tamara. I won this round. My second sprint was against Jen. Her and I have raced against each other SO much over 4 years! I have to dig deep into the tool box, since she knows my tendencies. I jumped late, out of turn 2 and was able to hold off to the finish. Later in the day, this technique won't work....

After the blink of a break, we were back at the track, warming up. Donna and I attempted a team sprint. We had a false start and then a mechanical. The chief official gave us the option to start again, but we decided to call it, so I could focus on the the sprints. No worries. Racing has its mishaps.

My semi-final ride was against Anna-Brit (just like last year.) It was a fun ride- lots of jockeying and tactical. When did I attack? I don't remember, actually. But I do remember trying to razor, staying out of the lane. But her strength overtook me out of turn 4... Jen also finished 2nd in her semi-final. So...

I got to race Jen again for 3rd place. The ride was pretty similar to the morning run, but this time, it was her victory.

4th place was acceptable.

Later I posted 18.4 in the flying lap for 2nd place.

I went to McMenamins with the Canadians and Cari (sounds like the name of a new band. "Ladies and Gentleman, please put your hands together for.....") We ate, we drank, and joked. Good times for the end of a good weekend.