July 7, 2007

Alpenrose Challenge #2

Keiren today. I decided to sit and watch my first keiren heat from third place. Not sure where my head was, but it wasn't set on finishing in the top 2. So, it was on to the reps later in the morning. I was very fortunate to have my 2 teammates in the race as well. We cooked up a little plan and it played out well. (Insert top secret plan here.) In the last 2 laps, Norrene stepped on the gas and I stuck to her wheel, with one to go, I came around and finished 1st.

Lunch Break

Not too much excitement in the final ride. The end was a situation where I was behind a wheel that was behind a wheel. Around turn 3, I had to go as high as the person I was trying to come around plus some. I finished 5th.

Weee! I have 1 omnium point!
Sprints tomorrow.


karmali said...

I have to tell you, I've been reading your blogs on here the past year or so and you never seem to fail to crack me up!

Kudos to you on even the victories small and large...everything counts, right? :)