July 6, 2007

Alpenrose Challenge Day 1

Well, so far, not so hot. I did a pursuit this morning to open up the legs. I did it in a light gear and it felt OK. I didn't get a stellar time, but I eased off whenever it was bothering me too much. I think this might be the last year that I do pursuits- for no reason. Time was 4:45, which placed me 6th... of 8.

Tonight was the 500m. TT. It was pretty windy during warmup, so I should have gone a smaller gear. Turned out the last straighaway buried me. I didn't time my warm up all that well, either, but part of that was out of my control... But the real reason that it didn't go very well is because, I didn't actually ride my bike very fast- go figure. Time posted 40.7 (about half second slower than last 2 years) and placed 6th.

Many sprinters this weekend. 4 ladies went under 40 seconds. Jen Featheringill went 39.7! Awesome for her. It should be an interesting weekend. Keirens tomorrow.

At least people like me :)