July 10, 2007

AVC Pictures

Ed Norton and Shane Young posted some of their photos from the Alpenrose Challenge. We are very lucky to have so many shutter happy folks at these races. Thanks guys!

A morning Keiren. I got third in this one and later had to win the reparcharge round to make it to the finals.

This is the sprint against Jen in the morning- the one I won. Later in the day, the tables turned in her favor :) Hey Brian and Dean- check out the bent arms!

Tessa wants you to know that she won't take attitude from anyone. a giant Heather and mom, Darien are afraid...very afraid.

Coach Brian and volunteer/friend Matt are secretly in love. Not really, but this shot totally cracked me up. The good luck kiss must have worked. Brian had the fastest qualifying time in the master's competition and later won the sprints.

This is from the pursuit. I did the event without tt bars this time. I love the lighting on the photos taken in the late morning at the track.