February 19, 2007

Cherry Pie Road Race

Well, when we scoped out the course 2 weeks ago, I was confident that I'd survive the year's first race. Not so much. We started with 15 riders. For the first lap I rode in the top 5, staying out of the wind and enjoying the pace, how I felt and just being out with the girls. Then there was a hill, followed shortly by another. *POP* I was off, going past the finish line for the end of the first lap. There was hope for me. I knew that there was a nice, long descent after the crest, but I forgot about the west wind, so try as I might and along with another rider, I did not make it back with the group. I did eventually roll away from the other girl. I "enjoyed" the next lap alone, but kept up a good pace. I didn't finish last- but almost. Looking forward to Mason Lake in 2 weeks.


Ms. GettingToSix said...

But at least you have speakers that work and a new bike rack. Well, one out of two ain't bad!