February 25, 2007

Jack Frost Time Trial

Sweetness is living about 5 miles from a race venue. First, I got to sleep in. Then, I got to watch all of the movie, Employee of the Month. It wasn't too bad, even funny at times, and Dane cook is pretty hot, so overall I give it a B+. Breakfast was yummy pancakes with cottage cheese, strawberries, and syrup. I highly recommend it. I added an egg white to the pancake batter for extra protien. You should try it sometime- worked nicely.

I got to do my warmup in my garage, which had it's pros and cons. Obviously, I was able to stay out of the rain, but there is something to be said for warming up at a race venue, with the spirit of the competition all around- riders getting ready, some socailizing, and getting into race mind. This is hard to do alone in your garage.

I got to ride with the master's women and be scored with the senior women, so I didn't have to wait until after 1:00 to race. I was the last to roll out. I felt alright. There was quite a headwind going south in the beginning, then a sidewind when I turned west, but a sweet tailwind cruising out to the turnaround. I was turnign about 26-26 mph, but was spanked down do maintaining 18-20 most of the way back. I caught the 3 women in front od me and was caught by no one, so I felt that I did well. I hadn't reset my computer at the start, so I only really know my speed and heartrate while riding. Last year, I rode a 31:48 with better weather and a disc wheel. I was a little over 2 minutes slower this year with a time of 34:12. Ugh.

race photos borrowed from Shane at www.oregonvelo.com.