February 12, 2007

Recovery Week....

Yesterday (Sunday) I didn't leave the house at all. I read half of a chick book, and watched plenty of TV. I also made my first loaf of banana bread. Who knew it was so dang easy!?! Today, I had no trouble driving past the exit to the gym. I think I might lift a weight or 2 tomorrow.

Kids were funny today. Friday's adventure was still fresh on everyone's mind. At least we had the weekend to digest it all. So far, the police have given no information about leads on the jerk that made the phone call. We bebriefed in a meeting after school. We heard about irrate parents. One called the district office and left a message yelling that we had no right to keep her daughter hostage for 5 hours, how the kids didn't do anything wrong, and that she was going to call President Bush about it.

Uh... OK.
But most parents we spoke to or heard from thanked us and were confident in our ability in keeping theri children safe. Alls well that ends well.


Juicey said...

Hey Sweetie,
THanks for the well wishing. The leg is slowly recovering but that probably means missing a few early season races. Oh well! Hope you have fun this weekend. Jen