July 2, 2006

Indenpendence Day Grand Prix
Colorado Springs, Colorado
Day 2

Well, not too much adventure today. I went to the track with Mark and Katie this morning and did my workout, which included a few warm up laps and some flying 200s. I figured out my gearing and a good line. I felt good. Well, I thought I felt good. After my last two efforts, I experienced a little dizziness and desperate gasps for air. Elevation here is abotu 6000, which is about 5600 feet higher than Alpenrose. Breathing is touch, but that's just another reason for not doing a points race :)

After getting my little (really little) rental car, I tootled to.... Actually, I can't tell- it's a surprise for Chuck.

As I write this afternoon, the daily late afternoon thunderstorm is coming by- not too much rain, but some fantastic lightening and thunder claps.