July 3, 2006

Day 3
Race Day #1- AM

This morning was just the 200m. TT. I fet great druing warmup, did a few runs, decided on the 94" gear. However, I just wasn't that fast. I posted a 12.69, which on this track is pretty slow. Last year I had a 12.5. There were only 7 women- all fast. I finished 6th of 7. The 7th place time, was only .004 slower. I was pretty disappointed, since I was hoping for a faster time than last year. I'm going to have a hard first sprint. With only 7 sprinters, 1st will get a buy first round. I'm sure they'll take the rest of us and do match- ups to narrow it down to 3, and that will be the semi- finals.

But that's all tomorrow. Tonight we have the Kerien and scratch race. I'll get back later with a report.