July 1, 2006

Independence Day Grand Prix
Colorado Springs
Day 1

So even before I get to Katie and Mark's house, I had a funny day. The plan was to get to Denver, get my bike and duffle from the baggage claim and wait 2 hours for my $60 shuttle. When I get to the baggage area, I see Becky Quinn with one of her team's mechanics. We chit chat a little and I mention waiting for the shuttle, when mechanic guy says that I could probably get a ride with them.

So I wait with them as other members of the Spike team show up. We got into one van and the bikes went in the other. My bike was going to the track. So, team staff guy drives me to the house and calls mechanic guy to ask about my bike.

Unknowingly, he'd put my bike together. He said that he just opened the box and started putting parts together. Then he started to wonder why there were pint glasses and big bottles of beer (from mcmennamins to give my hosts.) Finally, he noticed my name on the top tube. Well, all be! So, when I drove to the grocery store, I stopped by the track to pick up the box and thank mechanic guy.

I forgot my computer charger on this trip- oh bother. I have to borrow a computer the rest of weekend.