January 12, 2006

You know that rule about 1 hour on the trainer is equal to an hour and 15 or 30 on the road, since you're pedaling that whole time? Is that true for rollers too? If so, I could theoretically get through the rest of The Shield season 1 DVDs in just 3 more rides. Each episode is 44 minutes....watch two per ride to equal 90 minutes in the saddle. No problem- the job is done. I've had my new fork on my bike now for 8 days and I've yet to actually ride it OUTSIDE.

So, I'm still working on a name for this Blog. I did Miss Justa Littlefaster, now Ms. Littlefaster, but I'm already over that one and I only changed it 10 minutes ago. Any ideas out there?


David said...

Little Miss Speedypants works for me!

Ms Littlefaster said...

That Is pretty funny. So, I just noticed that I don't update this blog like... ever. I think I'm going to stick with facebook. Catch you there.