January 11, 2006

Motivated Finally

Well, it only took about 3 month's longer than it should have, but I finally feel the fever to train. I finally have the energy. I finally want to train and ride. It might be the fact that racing starts in about 7 weeks. I feel much different this year. In year's past, I had already spent a lot of time in the saddle by mid January, with endurance to do what I had to get done. This year is different. It's like I'm just priming the pump- like I'm getting ready to get faster. I guess it makes sense since Nationals aren't until October. Really, I don't have to be even getting fast until July. I'm a little nervous for the few road races I have coming up. I shouldn't worry about it so much. I'm in good hands.

Chuck is at his folk's tonight and Miranda moved out yesterday. The house is empty except me and the kids. I caught Pepper trying to sharper her... paws this afternoon. Sharped away, my sweetie! Sadie's recovering from her hair cut. I can't say that I miss her hair everywhere though.

Is there a fairy to hire to take away Christmas present credit card debt? Please refer.