January 14, 2006

An Amazing Discovery

Oh my goodness, guess what I found out today? I was so nervous about bonking during my ride today, that I paid attention to eating, and staying fed during my ride. You know what? It made my ride much more enjoyable- all 4.5 hours of it. Really. Can you believe it. Of course you can- you've always known better. Granted, I had to pack away about 500+ calories to do so, between my clif bar, my clif blox (love those gummies), and some gleukos, but it for sure beats not being able to turn the cranks.

Logie trail and I have yet to become friends. That bully put me on the sidelines today, as I had to rest at left hair pin #2 and #3. So, I'm still at about 27 minutes- including the rests, but that's the time to beat as of today. I have no ambitions to be the team climber by ANY means, but maybe I can get up the monster without resting next time. Can you imagine it? You're in a race, cursing up a hill, when you see another racer, just hanging out on the side of the road. Whooo! That's funny.