January 21, 2006


Man, I wish I had a camera today. At one point, Norrene just looked at me and laughed. Dang Ian and Dave had the clip- onto- seat post flappy fender today. It's already wet and muddy, we're riding on highway 30, and it's raining. Now, after my shower, I'm STILL digging dirt out of my eyes and ears. Oh yea, my glasses were fogging too, so I got a pair to borrow. It was so grimey that I was making sand from the grinding of gravel between the chain and ring. I'm totally fine with only 2 hours of riding today. I"ll make up for it tomorrow. it might be, get this... dry tomorrow!


Keith said...

All that grit is good for you Heather!!
You have done enough early season fenderless road races to know that! :)

Good to see you in orange!