January 31, 2006


I know.... original title for a post, but seriously, here it is, the last day of January and on the news, they annouced that we had over 10 inches of rain this month. They say it's the 4th rainiest moth in recent history. Now, I don't feel like too much of a lah-hoo-zah-her for not riding outside much. I've been getting a lot of roller time. Sunday was a blast with 4 sessions of 45 minutes. I got through the rest of season 2 of The Sheild. Tonight was a roller derby as well. Hopefully, I don' tpull the side view mirror off my car anytime soon.

We went to the Gleukos Lab tonight http://www.gleukos.com/ for our training to do sampling at Zupans. My favorite flavor will be melon, when they start to get the powder available. Glad to have an up and coming, respectable company as our feature sponsor. GOod product- good guys. I'll be happy to recommend the good stuff.