March 2, 2008

Lolita off to Texas

I shipped my yearling Orca to her new daddy in Texas yesterday. He wrote me an email, describing her future...

She will like it in Texas. I have four other nameless bikes that will keep her company. Not much rain and a lot of good riding days. I have a bike dedicated to the trainer so she will never be shackled to the steel taskmaster in my exercise room. No rides in ice/snow, one of the nameless bikes will have that chore. In Texas, there is always a great deal of wind for her aero dynamics to tantalize. Pickup trucks are another thing all together and may be very scary for at first. Hopefully, she doesn’t know much English and she will not be able to comprehend the harsh words directed at us as the pickups go by.

I told him that being her mother's daughter... she's herd plenty of language. Be good, girl!