January 14, 2008

My Hump

Heather the biker has- one hump (sung to the tune of "Alice the Camel")

The tape came off Saturday afternoon, and a shiny, tender, pink hump now pokes up. Rumor has it that it will diminish as the muscles in the area strengthen, but will always be there. I survived a few laps out at Swan Island at a top tempo Saturday and 2 laps out at Sauvie Island Sunday. It's still a little weird when I get out of the saddle and when I get tired, it gets sore. But all in all, I'm on the mend, ahead of schedule.

I'm still going to have it tapes again tomorrow maybe. Depends on what Shawn and Dave think.


Jeanie said...

Awesome. I am glad to hear that you are back training. We do need to get out together for a training ride, my schedule has been so hectic lately.

erikv said...

Good for you, glad you are mending quickly. Go with the tape. Tape is cool, and gets you sympathy points with your fans. "She's such a trooper," they'll say. You'll see. VanValkenburgamania is going to explode in this region. You'll see. Wear the tape.

marco said...

no matter what you do you'll put the Grrrrrr in Girl. :) Glad your getting better.